Uniden Submersible FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio Review

Uniden Submersible 50 Mile FRS:GMRS Two-Way RadioThese two-way radios by Uniden are submersible GMRS and FRS models that feature a fifty-mile range. This set is designed for all kinds of outdoor activities and comes equipped with all the high-end qualities you’d need in a pair of walkie talkies, because like your adventures, these walkie talkies have no limits.

This was one of the coolest, heavy-duty sets we took a look at, and you’re sure to have no problem putting this set to work on your next trip to the backcountry.

Uniden Fifty Mile Range Two-Way Radio Assessment

This set is palm sized and slightly heavier than competing models but it also comes with highly competitive features.

This two-way radio set offers an impressive water resistance level of three feet for a period of thirty minutes. It has a JIS 7 rating and is JIS-compliant. Not only is this set completely submersible, but it can actually float on the water’s surface, should the user accidentally drop it into the water. Because of this, these walkie talkies are not only perfect for camping and hiking, but they can also be used for a wide range of water-based activities such as sailing, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.

These two-way radios also offer all the features you would expect from a set in this price range. It has NOAA alert features and weather channels, which will keep you up to date with current weather conditions and possible inclement weather that’s headed your way.

These walkies feature a clear backlit screen and glowing keys that automatically light up in low light conditions, which makes them easier to handle. These radios come with a cool battery indicator which will tell you approximately how long you have before the radios need a charge. The manufacturer has taken a huge leap forward from their past models and designed a radio that’s versatile, reliable and highly durable.

Pros and Cons

Pros: These walkie talkies feature a maximum range limit of fifty miles, so they certainly offer the largest advertised range at this price. But what amazed consumers the most was the high-quality audio it produces, even when the users have reached the range limit. If you’re hiking through rough terrains such as mountains or woods, the radio also offers a boost feature. This feature will use up slightly more power than when it’s in the standard transmission mode, but it also works to increase the radio’s range, while also helping to minimize background noise on the channel in order to allow other users to come through even clearer than before.

This model has access to twenty-two channels including a total of fifteen GMRS channels and seven FRS channels. The fifteen GMRS channels allow for long distance communication up to fifty miles, while the seven FRS channels are ideal for short distance communication. The range of the radios will ultimately depend on the weather, terrain and other types of disturbances. Many consumers found that the actual range was impressively long compared to other models in the same price range.

Aside from an extensive amount of channels, this set also comes equipped with 285 privacy settings, 143 group codes, and 142 privacy tones. These privacy setting options work to filter out outside users and also helps to improve the clarity of the channel you’re using.

This set by Uniden comes with some great features that you won’t normally see on many other two-way radio models. For large groups, you can utilize the auto channel change feature which can automatically update all of the walkie talkie members to a new channel. This feature is useful when the channel you’re trying to use is not empty. And nothing can be more frustrating than trying to get everyone in your party on the same channel.

The direct call option is another great feature consumers loved. This feature allows the user to call a particular person in a group without contacting the other users at the same time. In order to call one person in the group, the user just has to use a predefined four letter name.

This model also offers ten tone calls. Each of the different tone calls will allow users to identify who is calling from their party. Additionally, consumers raved about the missed call indicator feature which alerts users when they forget to answer a call.

These walkie talkies come equipped with a LED emergency strobe light and SOS signals, which make it easy for the user to be spotted from afar. These extra safety features are perfect for use on a climb or hike.

Cons: Like many other models on the market, these walkie talkies have trouble offering the same type of impressive range you’ll enjoy in wide open spaces. In a suburban area, most consumers complained that they were lucky if they got a two block range. Some users reported a maximum range of two miles in suburban areas. Another consumer complained that they dropped one of the radios in the snow causing it to lose about fifty percent of its speaker output. Fortunately, this model is covered by a three-year product warranty. Other consumers reported that the battery tends to go from fully charged to completely dead without notice.

Consumers who are looking for a larger setup should check out the Motorola M230TPR rechargeable two-way radio three pack, which is also offered at a more affordable price.

Conclusion and Rating

Overall, Uniden Submersible FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio has a lot to offer in terms of versatility, and features. These submersible radios are top of the line and users will be hard pressed to find another model in this price range that offers the same type of high-quality audio. This is a heavy duty set that is absolutely packed with features. Consumers who purchased this model gave it a rating of four and a half out of five stars for ease of use, innovative features, waterproofing rating and overall quality.