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Walkie Talkie Vs. Radio: Major Differences

If you’re confused regarding the differences between the walkie talkie vs. radio, I’ll go over both the similarities and differences between these two devices to better help you understand how both types of communication devices work. In many cases, most people seem to use the term handheld radio and walkie-talkie interchangeably. This is a common […]

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How to Find Local Digital Police Scanner Frequencies

The best police scanners will allow you to pick up digital police scanner frequencies so you can listen in on local emergency services communications, much like a radio will allow you to tune into different stations by changing the dial. When you switch a channel on  the radio it’s locking onto one signal, while picking […]

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How to Fix a Walkie Talkie: Common Troubleshooting Tips

A walkie-talkie is a powerful tool that will help to keep you and your friends and family communicating and connected. These handy devices will help to increase safety and productivity and allows for faster decision-making in addition to reducing downtime. But there are some circumstances in which you’ll need to learn how to fix a […]

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