Retevis H777 Two-Way Radios Set of Six Review

Retevis H777With many sets of two-way radios, the incoming signals can sound crackly and fuzzy. But with this six pack set from Retevis, you’ll enjoy the surprisingly clear reception. Unlike many models of walkie talkies on the market, this set even works well in urban environments. If you need an indoor set to use around town, the H777 Retevis two-way radios is an excellent choice. Retevis is a company that has a reputation for producing more affordable electronics that are pretty basic in nature. If you’re looking for a set that offers all the bells and whistles, you’ll be a little disappointed with what these radios have to offer.

This is a short range set that isn’t designed for serious outdoor activities. Their capabilities and range are limited, which is why we don’t recommend them for the outdoors.

However, they can be the perfect solution if you need to keep in close contact with your employees at a work site, or with your kids at home. While the manufacturer states that these radios offer a range of ten miles, we found that more commonly you could expect a range limit of one to three miles, based on your surroundings. Keep in mind that any type of structure can greatly affect the signal.

This set is definitely a good buy if you have realistic expectations regarding range and performance.


This set offers crystal clear audio, built-in LED light, emergency alarm and low or high power features that allow the user to choose low or high power based on the situation. Inside this package, you’ll find six chargers and antennas, six radios and earpieces, six belt clips and slings and six lithium-ion battery packs.

The earpieces feature a built-in microphone, which is perfect for use in crowded environments.

These walkie talkies are loaded with features and offer longer battery life, LED display screen, and a time-out function.

The included earpiece works well, but you may need to upgrade with a compatible headset as this stock one isn’t the most comfortable.

This set offers sixteen channels to operate on, with a range of three to five miles, which can vary depending on the environment and terrain type.

The radio’s PPT buttons are a big improvement over the metallic buttons used on past Retevis models. The soft PPT buttons allow you to easily handle the controls in colder environments, even when wearing gloves.

The incorporated scanning function allows users to easily track conversations.

The cover acoustic earpiece allows you to enjoy private conversations and is perfect for hands-free communication or use in noisy environments.

Users will also enjoy the Vox feature, battery alarm and the fifty CTCSS technology which will allow the user to block any unwanted calls. Also included are a one-year product warranty and a thirty-day free trial purchase.

Pros and Cons

Retevis H777 Two-Way Radios Set of SixPros: The built-in flashlight can come in handy in low light environments, making this set the perfect choice for camping. According to consumers, these radios are easy to program and are repeater capable. These radios will work with DCS and CTCSS. When it comes to part ninety use, you’ll find a basic inversion scrambler but only a single inversion point. These radios also work on 440 band and GMRS frequencies. The lightweight compact design makes these radios easy to tote around.

Each handset can be charged in just a few hours. For the price, a set this large is really a steal.

The extensive product warranty was a big selling point for this model.

Cons: Many consumers felt that the earpieces were very awkward and uncomfortable to use. One consumer had complaints regarding the radio’s durability, stating that the case cracked easily after a single fall. The same consumer stated that some of the radios stopped working after just a few months. After eight months of use, other models in the set stopped holding a charge. Should you run into these issues contact the manufacturer for replacement components.

The walkie talkie’s short range capabilities limit their use and do not make them a good choice for trips to the backcountry.

Other consumers complained about the quality of the chargers and batteries, stating that none of the charging cradles worked.

Another consumer had an issue with the radio’s range limitations, stating that once they got about two hundred feet away all that could be heard was static.  At a hundred feet they felt that these radios were totally unusable, even after trying all sixteen channels.

Mainly, consumers who had a good experience with these radios were those who purchased them for use in the home or other types of short-range use. Parents who purchased these radios for their kids had nothing but positive things to say about performance, but any serious hiker, hunter or outdoorsman should definitely steer clear of this set.

Conclusion and Rating

Consumers had some pretty mixed feedback for these walkie talkies. To start, it’s a large set that’s very reasonably priced. But when you compare the pros and cons, purchasing this set can be a mistake if you’re looking for radios with long range capabilities. These walkie talkies are a great buy if you need them for work or as a way to communicate with family members or neighbors around the home and in the event of an emergency. Can you rely on these radios when you’re out hiking or fishing? The answer is no. The manufacturer clearly states what these walkie talkies can and cannot handle. So, while the price may be enough for some consumers to dive in and buy, if your goal is to find long range radios and models that are durable, keep on looking. Consumers who are interested in a set of long range walkie talkies that offer more channels, better reception, and improved range capabilities should take a closer look at the Motorola Talkabout T460 rechargeable two-way radios.

Consumers who purchased Retevis H777 Two-Way Radios Set of Six gave it a rating of four out of five stars for reasonable pricing, ease of use and performance.