Midland GXT2050VP4 GMRS Two-Way Radios Review

Midland GXT2050VP4The GXT2050VP4 GMRS two-way radios by Midland feature a total of fifty channels and includes two headsets, NOAA weather alerts, dual desktop charger, DC adapter, lithium ion battery packs and an impressive thirty-six-mile range. A handy set to take along on your next outing, this set comes with all the bells and whistles you could ever want in a reliable walkie talkie set.

These radios have received a total redesign in the past year, due to some issues with the charging process. Now, this series is back better than ever and includes some pretty cool updates and features that you’ll need and rely on during your next outdoor adventure.


This model features the standard twenty-two GMRS channels and an additional twenty-eight channels. The set provides loud and clear digital sound thanks to the HD dynamic audio. It also keeps users informed with the most up to date weather and hazard information via NOAA broadcasting. Along with important weather information, it also provides other types of emergency alerts including biological hazards, fire, Amber alerts, landslide warnings and nuclear power plant warnings. When the SOS siren is updated it will send distress and locator signals in critical emergency situations. These radios are water-resistant and can easily handle light to moderate rainfall.

The built-in whisper feature allows the user to be heard clearly and comes in handy in situations where extreme quiet is crucial.

Some of the top features include superfast charging times, thanks to the polymer battery pack which conserves power for emergencies and has a reputation for charging up impressively fast.

The included lithium battery packs will provide the user with optimum power and a significantly longer battery life.

The fifty channels offer crystal clear communication and easy button access.

Consumers can also enjoy over 3,124 channel options that allow them to easily block other conversations thanks to the one hundred and forty-two privacy codes.

Equipped with JIS4 protection, this model can withstand rain and water splashes.

The weather scan feature works to automatically save the weather channel, providing the user with information regarding severe weather conditions through the NOAA weather alert system.

Each two-way walkie talkie features a range up to thirty-six miles. The lithium polymer batteries allow users to enjoy super-fast charging and longer battery backup. The radios can charge up within just a couple of hours.

Both the radios are covered in a camouflage case that’s perfect for outdoor activities.

The five animal call alerts work to detect sounds of wolves, crows, cougars, turkeys and ducks.

Consumers can also choose from a total of ten call alerts.

Other top features include accessory jacks, auto squelch, roger beep, backlit LCD display screens, and level nine eVox for hands-free operation.

The devices can be set to vibrating alerts for silent notification.

This package features a battery-saving mode, two headsets for silent, hands-free operation, keypad lock and external accessory jack.

Pros and Cons

Midland GXT2050VP4 GMRS Two-Way RadiosPros: This model is wrapped in camouflage for low-key use and the casing itself provides strong support that allows it to easily handle falls without breaking. This set is designed for outdoors use and has been built with superior range and durability in mind in order to improve performance and usability. This set supports twenty-two FRS and GMRS standard channels and features an additional twenty-eight channels. Consumers can enjoy up to 3,124 channel options by supporting the privacy codes in standard channels. This large number of channel options helps to prevent any interference.

This set also comes with a three-year product warranty on all parts and labor.

The weatherproofing was one of the biggest selling points for this set and allows users to remain in mild to moderate downfalls for at least thirty minutes. This type of protection gives the user more freedom in the great outdoors and only adds to the already highly durable design of these radios.

Cons: There were a number of complaints from consumers regarding the radio’s inability to hold a charge after a few months of use. In fact, this issue was such a major problem that the manufacturer actually ceased production and did a total redesign. You can easily spot the older version of this two-way radio set by its silver casing. The new, revamped models feature the attractive camo housing. Since the redesign, there have been no further complaints regarding charging issues.

A common complaint that you’ll often see regarding any two-way radio model is the limited amount of range that tends to be vastly different than what the manufacturer claims it is, and like with most models, limited range for this Midland set has also gotten some backlash. According to many consumers, the range in town is pretty laughable, at just three to five miles. But this is due to all of the structures and buildings which cause an interference.

In the wilderness, you’ll enjoy the higher range as promised, but it may be somewhat spotty in the denser brush.

Consumers looking for a larger two-way radio set that’s priced slightly lower can take a look at the Uniden submersible fifty mile FRS/GMRS set of three two-way radios.  Which features an extra radio and an even higher waterproof rating.

Conclusion and Rating

The manufacturer has definitely improved the set’s accessory volume and overall audio quality. The lithium batteries are longer lasting and lighter, compared to their previous models, however, Midland didn’t compromise the radio’s capacity to operate on standard double As. The type of usability this set offers make it a must-have device for the rugged adventurer, the hunter, and the hiker.

Thanks to the revamp, consumers couldn’t be more satisfied with its performance, giving this set a rating of five out of five stars for the lightweight design, range abilities, innovative features and the wide range of channels to choose from, making Midland GXT2050VP4 GMRS Two-Way Radios our top rated product and one of the best walkie talkie sets around.